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The Captain America wiki last edited by MarvelMan1985 on 05/28/13 .. Captain America and Bucky became a formidable fighting duo during World War II.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. James Barnes (comics), James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes, comic book sidekick of Captain America and inheritor of the.
In 1945 at the English Channel Islands, Captain America and Bucky attempt to stop the. Bucky spots Captain America and Sin emerging from the transport.

bucky captain america wiki

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bucky captain america wiki

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So, yeah.World War II. There, Steve and I were.sentinels of liberty, defenders of freedom.
He decides to become the new Captain America after Bucky's legal trouble and Steve Rogers becomes the head of SHIELD. He's kidnapped by A.I.M. then.
James "Bucky" Barnes is the childhood friend of Captain America, and a member of the Howling.. 97photos on this wiki. by Legoindy0418 2013-01-12T14:12:.
Winter Soldier Investigation, an inquiry into American war crimes during the Vietnam. an alias of Bucky Barnes, formerly Captain America's sidekick in Marvel Comics. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, an upcoming 2014 superhero film.
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